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At Cyberesort, we blend cutting-edge technology with expert insights to fortify your digital presence. As a vanguard in cybersecurity, we navigate the complex landscape of online threats to offer solutions that are both innovative and reliable.


Our Mission: Securing Your Digital Frontier

Our commitment goes beyond protecting systems; we strive to be the guardians of your peace of mind in the digital age. With bespoke strategies and a proactive approach, we ensure your business stays ahead of cyber threats.


Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our suite of services, including Risk Assessment, Integrated Security Solutions, Incident Management, and more, are designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry. Each solution is crafted with precision, ensuring comprehensive protection for your digital assets.


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Choosing us means partnering with a team that values your security as much as you do. Our expertise, aligned with international standards and local regulations, ensures that your cybersecurity needs are met with the highest level of excellence.


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Welcome to the Core of Cyberesort

Where Security Meets Innovation. As a frontrunner in cybersecurity solutions, Cyberesort is dedicated to delivering a spectrum of services designed to fortify your digital presence against evolving cyber threats. Our service offerings are meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of various industries, ensuring that your organization remains resilient and secure in an increasingly digital world.

Risk Assessment


Asset Inventory

We begin with a meticulous inventory of your digital assets, identifying what needs protection in your organization. This critical step lays the foundation for effective risk management.


Business Impact Analysis

Understanding the potential impact of threats on your operations is crucial. We analyze how different cyber threats could disrupt your business processes and the potential consequences thereof.


Vulnerability Assessment

We meticulously evaluate your systems to identify vulnerabilities. This involves assessing existing security measures and identifying areas of weakness that could be exploited by cyber threats.


Prioritization and Strategy Development

With a thorough understanding of your assets, the potential impacts, and vulnerabilities, we prioritize risks and develop a strategic roadmap for mitigating them. This roadmap is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Continuous Monitoring and Updating

The cyber world is dynamic, and so are its threats. We provide continuous monitoring and regular updates to your risk assessment strategy to ensure it remains effective against evolving threats.

Partner with Cyberesort

Our Risk Assessment service is more than a one-time solution; it’s a journey towards sustained cyber resilience. Partner with Cyberesort to navigate this journey with confidence and expertise.

Integrated Security Solutions

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is not just about protecting data; it’s about ensuring the integrity and availability of your entire digital ecosystem. At Cyberesort, our Integrated Security Solutions are inspired by the UAE’s National Information Assurance Framework (NIAF), emphasizing a holistic approach that covers logical, physical, and personnel security aspects.


Logical Security

We implement robust cyber defenses including firewalls, encryption, and identity management systems to safeguard your digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats.


Physical Security

Recognizing the importance of physical security measures, we integrate state-of-the-art access controls, surveillance systems, and environmental security measures to protect your physical infrastructure.


Personnel Security

People are often the first line of defense. Our comprehensive personnel security strategies include meticulous background checks, ongoing cybersecurity training, and rigorous access controls to ensure your team is both knowledgeable and vigilant.

Partner with Cyberesort

Our solutions are not just about deploying technology; they’re about creating a culture of security that permeates every layer of your organization. By aligning our services with the NIAF, we ensure that your defenses are robust, compliant, and capable of withstanding the ever-evolving cyber threats. Partner with Cyberesort for a security posture that’s resilient, dynamic, and tailored to the unique challenges of your enterprise.

Incident Management

In the realm of cybersecurity, incident management is a critical pillar, ensuring swift and effective response to security threats. At Cyberesort, our Incident Management service is meticulously aligned with the principles outlined in the UAE’s National Information Assurance Framework (NIAF), focusing on comprehensive preparedness, rapid response, and strategic recovery.


Situational Awareness

We maintain a vigilant watch over your digital assets, constantly monitoring for any signs of security breaches. Our advanced surveillance systems ensure timely detection and notification of potential threats.


Entity Incident Response

Upon detection of an incident, our expert team mobilizes immediately. We manage the situation effectively, containing the threat and minimizing its impact on your operations. Our response protocols are designed to handle diverse cyber incidents, ensuring a swift return to normalcy.


Escalation Protocols

In line with NIAF guidelines, our incident response framework includes clear escalation channels. We ensure that significant incidents are escalated to the appropriate sector or national level, facilitating a coordinated response.

post incident

Post-Incident Analysis and Learning

After managing an incident, we conduct a thorough analysis to extract lessons and improve future responses. This reflective process is vital for evolving our strategies and staying ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Cyberesort’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services are meticulously aligned with the UAE’s National Information Assurance Framework (NIAF), focusing on preserving the continuity and resilience of business operations in the face of cyber threats and disasters.


Continuity Planning

We prioritize identifying crucial information assets and functions vital to your business operations. Our strategic planning ensures these critical business functions remain available, even during significant cybersecurity events or disasters.


Disaster Recovery

We provide robust recovery plans for rapid restoration of critical information assets during catastrophic interruptions. Our solutions are tailored to minimize downtime and ensure rapid recovery, aligning with NIAF’s emphasis on protecting national infrastructure.

steady state

Return to Steady State

Post-incident, we focus on a smooth transition of critical systems and operations back to normalcy. This includes detailed business resumption plans, guaranteeing a quick and efficient return to steady state after disruptions.

context integration

National Context Integration

In line with NIAF, our services also consider the broader national infrastructure context. We ensure that your business continuity plans align not just with your organizational needs but also contribute to the overall resilience of critical national services.
By choosing Cyberesort, you opt for a comprehensive approach to business continuity and disaster recovery, one that not only addresses immediate threats but also integrates into a larger national framework of resilience and stability.


Cyberesort’s Governance service, rooted in the principles of the UAE’s National Information Assurance Framework (NIAF), focuses on aligning cybersecurity strategies with organizational objectives and compliance requirements. Our approach ensures not only the security of your information assets but also their alignment with national cybersecurity goals.


Strategic Alignment

We work to align your cybersecurity strategies with both business objectives and national guidelines. This involves understanding your organizational goals and ensuring that cybersecurity measures support these aims effectively.


Policy Development and Management

Our team assists in developing robust cybersecurity policies that are compliant with NIAF standards. This includes creating policies that are clear, enforceable, and adaptable to evolving cyber threats and business needs.


Compliance and Monitoring

We ensure your organization complies with the relevant UAE standards, providing regular audits and compliance checks. This includes adapting to sector-specific and service/product-specific standards as outlined in the NIAF.


Stakeholder Engagement

Effective governance involves collaboration. We facilitate engagement with relevant stakeholders, ensuring that your cybersecurity measures are recognized and respected at both sector and national levels.


Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Cybersecurity is an evolving field. We provide ongoing support and advice to ensure your governance structures remain effective and responsive to new challenges and standards.
By partnering with Cyberesort for Governance services, you ensure that your cybersecurity efforts are not just about protecting your assets, but also about aligning them with broader business and national objectives.

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